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Bachelor Programme in “International Business”

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Professional area: Economy

General description

The Bachelor Programme in “International Business” provides knowledge and skills for conducting international business, for career development and applying for job placements in international companies, for understanding different cultures and communicating in foreign languages in an efficient way.

The programme is in accordance with the best practices in leading foreign universities in the field of instruction in International Business.



Educational purposes

The aim of the International Business programme is to prepare qualified specialists with appropriate knowledge and skills, able to operate in dynamic and multicultural environment. The programme includes the development of general theoretical and practical background.

The educational purposes are achieved through various methodological approaches such as lectures on specific issues, case studies, presentations, statistical and scientific research, academic writing, online surveys and etc.

Organization and length of study

The programme is full-time. It covers a four-year period of training, 8 semesters, 240 credits. The last semester includes subjects, pre-graduate practice (2 credits) and state exam (10 credits).


The courses taught in the programme provide knowledge in the following areas:

Micro and Macro economics;
International economics;
Internationalization of the firm;
International human resource management;
International finance;
Organization of international operations;
International entrepreneurship;
International marketing;
European integration;
Business negotiations in multicultural environment;
International investments.


The graduates from the International Business programme possess practical skills to:

analyze and evaluate the economic processes at national regional and global level;
make managerial decisions based on market research and analysis;
do process and market research using statistical, mathematical and econometric instruments;
think creatively when doing business on international markets;
manage the relations between the participants in various business operations in the European and international markets;
communicate in a foreign language environment incl. business negotiations, discussions and preparing documents in a foreign language;
give support in the field of international business to public organizations and regional communities;
make financial and investment decisions in international business operations.

Professional Realization

Specialists in international investment;
Specialists in foreign trade and foreign exchange operations;
International credit experts, brokers or dealers;
European business consultants;
Sales representatives abroad;
Specialists in foreign trade and financial departments of companies with international activities;
Consultants / experts in international organizations and others.

Degree and professional qualification

The graduates from the International Business programme acquire the educational and qualification degree "BACHELOR IN ECONOMICS".

Application documents

EU and EEA applicants
Non-EU applicants

Studying in International Business

Building professional qualities, knowledge and skills for solving problems of the real business environment related to international integration processes and the modern economy - national, European and global.

4 000

Since its establishment in 1993, more than 4,000 bachelors, masters and doctors have graduated in the specialties at the Department of IER at the Tsenov Academy of Economics in Svishtov. The teaching is carried out in full-time, part-time and distance form with modern technologies and teaching aids.


The annual scientific-practical conferences for students and PhD students in the field of international business are 27. The conference is also attended by foreign students from Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, China, etc., studying at the Academy of Economics under the Erasmus + program.


The events with the participation of teachers, students and representatives from the practice for the last 5 years are over 20. The department has signed long-term contracts and memoranda of partnership with the three groups of potential users of staff - educational institutions, government agencies and international companies.

Our Alumni

In order to maintain and expand the relations between the graduates, on March 12, 2011 a club of graduates was established at the Department of International Economic Relations - Alumni Club MIO. Club members hold various events to increase student capacity, including career advice and development. The club has its own symbols - coat of arms, motto and badge, and its own website - AlumniMIO.club

I graduated with a degree in International Economic Relations from the Academy of Economics in Svishtov and I am convinced that this is the best choice I could make.
Daniela Bianova
Sutherland Global Services Bulgaria
I face many horizons and opportunities for great career development, but I would not have been able to get here if the professors and colleagues in the Department of IER had not opened my eyes to the world and how it works globally. To this day, I think I have come across the best people in all aspects, and I would not change anything in my choices so far.
Yana Delcheva
Class of 2015

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